Identity infrastructure for everyone

We bring together everything that’s required to build decentralized identity into a new application layer of the web.
we are tuum

Tuum is defined by its Latin origin "yours" - our emphasis is your technology, your data, your web.

We’re a software engineering company building Decentralized Identities that benefit all of humanity.
Weaving Decentralized Identity into a new application layer of the web, prompting developers to build while keeping the integrity of your image intact.
our insight

What makes you, you?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to trust people online. We meet people but struggle to verify they’re real.
For each of us every day uniquely shapes our existence. From what we do, to where, when and with whom we experience life. Yet, until now the canvas displaying You was restricted to the physical world.





We’re developing a way for these defining moments to transcend to our digital lives.
Garnering support from market leading technology companies.
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Identity Infrastructure