Identity infrastructure for everyone.

Bringing together everything that’s required to build Decentralized Identity into a new application layer of the web.
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Garnering support from market leading technology companies.

  • Consensys
  • Hedera
  • MetaMask
  • Veramo
  • Content Authenticity Initiative

We are innovators, software engineers, and designers that are unapologetically optimistic about the future of Decentralized Identity technology.

Our services - From our inception, we've assembled around a steadfast vision that's refined over time.

From R&D and evolutionary prototyping, to building with decentralized identity primitives and launching developer tools, we're shaping our open source identity services to power an emerging market of applications.

  • Snap Development. We specialise in MetaMask Snap development. Snaps allow anyone to safely extend the functionality of MetaMask, creating new web3 end user experiences.